Total U.S. consumer debt (which includes credit card debt and noncredit-card debt but not mortgage debt) reached $2.45 trillion at the end of 2009 (Source: Federal Reserve's G.19 report, March 2010)

About Financial Crisis Center

Financial Crisis Center (FCC) is a full service financial and credit-wellness company that empowers businesses and consumers by providing solutions for almost every financial, debt, and credit challenges. FCC operates in such a way that a commission isn’t earned until a satisfactory settlement is reached.

The experts at FCC have over 35 years combined experience helping business and consumers with their debt and credit issues. Over these years, prominent attorneys, real estate agents, and CPAs in the area have referred their clients to FCC, knowing that their clients are in the care of the one of the most successful and respected debt settlement companies today.

If you’re struggling with excessive debt. If you are being harassed by collection calls. If you are feeling like you will never be debt free; give us a call. Remember, it won’t cost you a thing unless we successfully negotiate a settlement that is to your benefit.

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